Saturday, December 3, 2011

Penny's ATC swap Part II: How to make my ATC concertina book

I thought I'd share a tutorial showing how I made my ATC book for my swap. I started with big sheets of watercolor paper that I tea-dyed and left to dry outside on the grass giving it lovely patterns. I tore it into strips that are 4in x 21.5in and then scored every 3in except for adding an extra half inch between two panels on one end. Then I accordion folded it and you can see how the last two panels wrap around it creating a front and back cover.

Here are all 10 books together for the swap.

.....Enter Inspector #1.....

He thinks they are fine, but thought I was being a bit too neat with the whole process! Inspectors #2 an #3 also checked stuff out but stayed clear of the photo, and I think Inspector #4 was napping.

Now back to the tutorial:

I embossed just the cover with an embossing folder and have cut 3 slits with my knife. On the spine they are horizontal - you can just barely see them, and there is one other vertical slit directly across from the middle slit on the spine.

Take a ribbon of 24 - 30in and slip it through the middle horizontal slit on the spine and then out the vertical slit to the back as in the picture.

Holding the book so you can see the outside of the spine, take the ribbon from the center slit and place it through an end slit.

Flip back to the inside of the spine and place the ribbon through the other end slit.

Flip it to the back of the spine one last time and slip the ribbon under the ribbon already in place to cinch it.

And now you're left with two ends that can be tied together in a bow holding the book together.


Cheri said...

No, THANK YOU, Penny! This was one of the most fun projects I've participated in. And I love seeing all of the ATC's and the books and "meeting" all the other participants. Thanks too for this great tutorial on how to make it (you saved yourself from me bugging you for it. LOL). Your "Inspectors" did a great job too. Loud applause, this was truly FUN!!!!

Beverly said...

I endorse everything Cheri says. My book and the enclosed ATCs are very much treasured. It was an honour to participate.

Cath Wilson said...

Beautiful and perfect for the type of ATCs you received. Looks as if you had lots of fun, although it must have been a lot of work. Gorgeous books x

Janine said...

I have one myself ☺ so I'm very glad with this tutorial, i just wanted to try it too. so thank you for sharing this with us.

Sherry Edwards said...

Thanks for the great tutorial Penny (I do love tutorials) your 'Inspectors' are so funny too!

Thanks again for all the work you put into this swap and for the inspiration too!

Trishia said...

i love your quality control inspector:)!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this. I really appreciate your sharing and your instructions were easy to follow.I made a little journal for a gift. You can see it here