Monday, September 22, 2014

Compendium of Curosities Vol. 3 Challenge Week No. 11

This is my project for CC3C week 11 challenge -sponsored by Inspiration Emporium- using the technique on page 52 of Tim's book: "Effect Powders".  I chose to use the antique linen version for a stucco effect, but think my flowers resulted in more of a cork-like effect....hmmm.  Although it's not allowed to share the details of the technique used, I used a background technique not in the book, so I figured I could share that. : - )  I learned it from Dina Wakley and it uses one of her masks and several colors of acrylic paint and baby wipes.

I love the cool layered effect you get by adding a smear of paint to your page, laying the mask down and then wiping around it with the baby wipe leaving the image kind of like you stamped the mask.  Then without cleaning the mask, add another smear of paint in a different color and do the same wiping process. By the time you add in white, you have the other colors already on the mask and the leaf print has a great mottled effect as can be seen in the close-up.  Any extra paint on the mask can then be stamped off adding even more layers.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Recent Class Fun Part 3

Thanks for coming back for part 3!  The class this day was all about faces.  Dina was the first to teach me how to draw a face 2 yrs ago (I still have the first supremely ugly face from that class when I knew nothing about proportions - and I'll never share it!) I had so much fun seeing the difference in how I draw now.  I will always love her style of drawing with a Stabilo All pencil over busy backgrounds - so much fun!  As you can see, she had a lot of other ways to add faces to your pages:

So much fun!!! And I have so many cool journal pages to remember the classes by - thank you Dina!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Recent Class Fun Part 2

Hello again! As promised yesterday, I'm sharing more art journal pages from my classes with Dina Wakley.  These pages had some cool background techniques - something I really admire with her pages - and also her drawing and composition tips as well as a chance to play with her stamps.

Since we did so many pages, I've split my post in three, so you'll need to check back once more tomorrow to see the final pages from class.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Recent Class Fun Part 1 (along with the Documented Life Project week 34)

The last weekend of August I had the opportunity to take several classes with the fabulous Dina Wakley at Absolutely Everything in Topsfield, MA.

This is the page from my Documented Life Project Planner following the challenge prompt for the week which fit my trip nicely!

These photos are from the first class where I made this cool collage sheet...

...and then used it in bits in these three journal pages:

I've got more pages to share tomorrow!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Compendium of Curosities Vol. 3 Challenge Week No. 10

This is my assemblage clock creation for CC3C where we were to follow the example on page 33 of Tim's book. Challenge #10 is sponsored by the Funkie Junkie Boutique. As I was photographing my project, I quickly realized that not only is it really hard to photograph something 3D with a glass front (Ack!), but in order for me to show you the depth in my project, I needed to show it in parts.  So the initial photo is of the entire piece featuring a photo from my friend Trishia of French Kissed Postcards that I've loved for a long time and wanted to use. I've felt like the two girls are looking straight at you, ready to take on their future, while Mom looks off to the side into the distance as if she realizes this moment won't last.  I'm sure mothers want to hold on to their children as long as possible.  Anyways, back to my photos......

The second one shows the front of the clock with the back removed:

...and here is the back piece pulled out. What I did was to layer a transparency of the photo of all three over a subtle script background, and then using a second printed image, I cut out Mom and elevated her away from the background using corrugated cardboard and foam tape.

In this final photo I show the back piece slightly turned so you can see the depth I've tried to create.

Thanks for visiting my blog and reading through my attempt to fully show my project ;-)  Trust me, in real life it looks pretty cool - maybe you just need to come over and see it in person!