Sunday, December 26, 2010

The 12 Days of Christmas swap

I received my matchboxes from the 12 Days of Christmas swap just in time for the start of the 12 days and thought I'd share them. Isn't it amazing how you can embellish a simple matchbox? This swap was organized by my friend Penny in the UK (you can see her blog HERE) and the participants included not just the two Pennys who live across the pond from each other, but others in the UK, New Zealand and even Russia! Lots of thanks to Lorraine, Janet, Jo, Lisa, Jan, Kimmie, Julia, Hope, Linda, Pat, and of course to UK Penny :-)


stampdiva said...

What a great idea for a swap. A lot of work involved but well worth it. Lynne x

bad penny said...

So glad they arrived just in time Penny !