Sunday, September 25, 2011

Follow the path

This is another canvas collage that has a background using paint stamping with leaves. My photo is a TAP transfer onto muslin of a part of one of the trails located in Acadia National Park at the coast. However, my memory when I see this photo is a little different. This trail is close to the Jordan Pond House Restaurant where after hiking, we had a lunch of lobster stew and warm popovers with jam - mmmmmmmm. Every hike should end that way :-)


Anonymous said...

A beautiful, personal piece of memory art. I wonder where in your home you will display this.
I especially love the use of "follow".
P.S. Sunday evening means only one thing ..... Downton Abbey. Oh I cannot wait to watch it this evening!!

Janine said...

beautifull lay out, i also used often transfer on fabric, its fun to do. I love your collage Penny!! have a great week.

Cath Wilson said...

This is beautiful, Penny x