Friday, April 6, 2012

Hand-Made Journal fun!

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I have a love of handmade books and journals. Here are two I made recently that are based on Mary Ann Moss's Remains of the Day Journal with a bit of influence from Karen Grunberg who used Mary Ann's journal for her December Daily project. (Check out Karen's blog post HERE to see photos and a video of her journal.) This first journal has a canvas cover with scraps of fabrics sewn on.

This is a picture of the entire cover opened up. You can also see the sewn in signatures from this view.

Here are the inside pages made from patterned paper. Some of them have pockets that will be perfect for tucking things in.

One problem I ran into with this journal was in making the spine too small to accommodate all the pages I wanted to use, so that meant that I needed to make a second journal, of course!!!

Here's my second version. This canvas cover I painted first with gesso, and then with washes of acrylic paints.

It opens the same way. Not sure yet if I'll decorate the cover further....we'll see.....

These inner pages are also a mix of patterned paper and I've added washi tape in some areas. I think I'm going to have lots of fun filling the pages :-)


trisha too said...

Oh, Penny.

These are truly beautiful.

You are so talented!

A happy Easter to you!


Janine said...

Oke Penny, I now getting on my E-bike and I'm coming to your place, I think Christmas 2134I'll arrive and then you can teach me thus great piece of art!!!!!!!! ;😃
I live them both!!! Happy eastern to you, love, janine

clare said...

wonderful. i love the canvas cover it has inspired me to make my own cover and with the easter hols i might actually get round to doing it too!! x

Tamela Krausse said...

Is there a way we can buy these wonderful books? I don't think if I tried to make one it would look half as good as yours.