Sunday, February 26, 2012

Handcarved stamps

I've been finding myself so inspired recently by online classes. They feed my desire to keep learning new things and I always like that challenge ;-) I really like classes that include videos - it's almost like being there and you get to see exactly how a teacher does something and can pause and rewind - a little difficult to do in real life! I've taken a class from Julie Fei-Fan Balzer called Stamp Carving 101. As someone who loves rubber stamps, I thought it would be fun to learn that skill and it really is! Very relaxing to slowly carve out your desired image. I created a little bound book with bristol paper just to try out my stamps. These are some of the simple ones to learn carving skills like this simple outlined heart.

Here are a couple flower stamps:

...and a frame stamp will always come in handy:

This last one is a damask that will be a great large background stamp:

I'll share more handcarved stamps soon!


Janine said...

2 off mine blog friends also did this class so know this, great your flower with leaf, I have also the carves set at home, but not yet time to do this ☺ have a great week, big hug from Janine

Cheri said...

Oh, look at how much fun you're having!!! Do I see a "Penny for your Thoughts" stamp line soon??? Hmmmm!!!! These are great!

Iezie said...

Oh, they are great! You made beautiful stamps. I'm curious what else you're gonna make. But these are really lovely.
Till next time.

trisha too said...

Wow, Penny, your stamps are wonderful!


lynne said...

I am particularly drawn to the damask, that is stunning.
Are they all your own designs or do you use copyright free images?
Lynne x