Saturday, November 6, 2010

Matchbox swap

This is a vintage calling card I've had in my collection. It's funny in a world of emails, texts, and tweets to think that people would have these cards and drive around in their carriages leaving them at people's homes. I remember touring a house that had become a museum that had a small silver tray placed by the entrance door just to collect calling cards. My friend Penny in the UK invited me to join her matchbox swap with a theme of the 12 Days of Christmas. My contribution to the swap was 4 calling birds and I used Miss Edith Catlin's calling card to create my matchboxes. Inside the "drawer" I placed a guinea hen feather and 4 little buttons.

Since I know that they've now made their way across the pond, I thought I'd share them. Can't wait to see what comes back through the post for the other 11 days - such a fun idea for a swap!


Zoechaos said...

Wonderful design, very contempory beautiful treasure to have. Magical match box sure to thrill 11 happy peeps. xx Zoe

Shar said...

Stunning, Penny!

Trishia said...

Calling cards,so ...quaint in a world of speedy text messages....What a fun swap!

Joanna said...

I loved your matchbox - such a sweet calling card! The contents are so sweet too.

Thank you.

from 3 French Hens