Monday, October 13, 2014

LifeBook 2014 week 26

I have really started to enjoy drawing faces since I first was taught by Dina Wakley a couple years ago and then refined the process further in classes from Pam Carriker last year.  Recently I started really enjoying the portraits of Kate Thompson and the depth she achieves. I think I'm still at a stage where I'm drawing more of a cartoonish flat face, but really want to develop to draw artistic faces.  I was thrilled that Kate was teaching at LifeBook 2014 and this is my take on her lesson of drawing with charcoal. I couldn't draw just one face...I wanted to see what would happen if I made the nose longer or the face narrower, etc etc. I like the one in the center best.  Just for comparison, I did a set of faces using graphite where I feel more comfortable - well, just more practiced.  Charcoal certainly handles differently.

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Kerry said...

Penny, this is amazing!!! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! It was so good to see you at Julie's class! :)