Friday, June 27, 2014

LifeBook 2014 week 13

This LifeBook 2014 page was a lesson by Lesley Riley using TAP for an image transfer. It is such a cool way to do a quick transfer.  I did learn that it has an expiration date and had to get new sheets to play with it - oops! I used a photo I had from a Newport, RI mansion window and layered it with a script ledger sheet in my computer first before doing the transfer.  I'm sure it also would have worked by  layering one transfer over the other too; just haven't tried that yet.  I added gesso through a stencil for the background and did acrylic paint washes over top. I liked using the window shape for writing. It was fun reliving the memories of my trip to Newport and touring a bunch of the Gilded Age mansions - such a gorgeous era. I love all the opulence from that time.  Do you ever think about what it would've been like to live at that time?  I probably would have been born a servant!!

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Susan said...

Hi Penny. Wow! another lovely Life project. Thanks for sharing. X:)