Friday, June 6, 2014

LifeBook 2014 week 10

This page comes from a Life Book 2014 lesson from Tam Laporte.  OK, this face looks really weird!! It's a paint-over-collage technique using a magazine photo. By the time you're done, the face looks nothing like the image you started with - would you believe this was a magazine picture of Charlize Theron?  Really.  My proportions are all off with the face and the eyes are too odd; I think the lips are's funny how when you start to draw faces you can really tell what you don't like - the hard part is getting it to look like what you DO like.  I always remind myself that it's a process!  I do really like the depth of the background with all the bits of collage, stamping, tissue tape and painty layers - that is always fun to do!


Renee said...

Hi Penny~I love scrolling through your blog! Try drawing over your own face if you want to see how different something can look! Your collage turned out really nice.

Anonymous said...

The background is yummy (I dislike using that word but it popped into my head so I am sticking with it!).
I actually like her eyes!
I like the words, in fact I really want to use those but that would be so naughty of me!
Sun is shining, another muggy day here.