Saturday, September 8, 2012

Learning new bindings and sharing :-)

Recently I had some fun playing with monoprinting using paint and a gelli plate.  I printed onto deli paper and unryu paper.  This was the pile spread out onto the floor to dry.

Here's a close up of the papers.  I used a text rubber stamp, a paint comb, bubble wrap, and a cardboard tube to create designs on the gelli plate and also stamped off onto the papers using the same items.  I further decorated the papers with random text stamping with black archival ink and added white acrylic paint through a circle stencil.

Metzger watched my whole process and approved of my final designs ;-)

So......what to do with all these wonderful papers.......hmmmmmmmm............

They were PERFECT to cover binders board to use as covers for 2 new open-spine binding techniques I wanted to try after watching  a video class by LK Ludwig.

This journal is about 8"x10" and is comprised of heavy weight manila file folders.

This binding is called wrapped straps or wrapped tapes.  I used twill tape remnants to make it.  (You may remember my sewn over tapes binding used in the journal in THIS POST.)

This is a close up of the binding of the blue journal called seed pearl stitch binding, and it's done with leather straps.  Isn't it cool?  I love the way it looks!!!  This journal is about 7"x11" and the pages are of Bristol.

So did you happen to notice that I made TWO of the blue journals?  I loved playing with the binding stitch and couldn't stop with just one!  So.............................................................................

I have one to share and I've decided to hold a giveaway!!!! 

The cover is embellished with 2 hearts, some machine stitching done before I adhered the unryu paper to the cover boards, and a handwritten word - create - embellished with some doodled dots.  Leave me a comment letting me know what you would do with this journal if it came to your part of the world.  The Bristol paper is perfect for all types of wet media as I've been finding, and it would make a terrific art journal, but it could also be a journal to record your thoughts, a sketchbook, or a cool smash book style scrapbook.  On Friday September 14th I'll randomly pick a winner.  Make sure that I have a way to reach you if your comment is chosen.


Anonymous said...

Penny, you must have the most amazing library of handmade journals now.
This is something I am keen to try and is on my To Do List as it looks the most fun.
You created an amazing stash of papers but it is what you transformed them into that is remarkable, yes, little wonder they got the approval of the furry one LOL.

Anonymous said...

Yes, of course I would love the opportunity to win one - please count me in!

Debbie K. said...

Love it, Penny! Pick me, pick!

Gill said...

This is fabulous!
I would love to win!
I love your printings on deli papers - it's something I've been meaning to try since a kind blogger sent me some paper as I couldn't find it here in the UK!

Angelica said...

Who wouldn't love to own such an amazing journal??
I Love your work and I would be so happy if I won one of your journals!

Marjanne said...

Great prints and journals! Monoprinting with gelliplates really looks addictive.
I would use the journal as an art journal. What I like about art journaling is that anything goes, so I could do all the things you mentioned in it, and more.
Mmm, maybe a themed journal would be nice. I've never done that before.

Min said...

I absolutely love this journal, thanks for the opportunity to win it. The binding is amazing. I can imagine hours of art journal fun in that book! its beautifully inspiring. :D Thanks again for the chance to win it.

Mindy H.

Bluefrog32 said...

I love reading about your adventures with the gelli plate! I have one too, but have to start playing with it soon. I love journal books and would love to win the journal you have made. Count me in on the drawing!

Paula Jane Atkinson said...

Very clever little books the binding looks very good & I do love your colour scheme

Linda said...

Penny I LOVE your prints but especially your hand bound books-they're beautiful!!! And then to find that you're giving one away-well, of course I'd LOVE to win your gorgeous book! I'm still hoping to be able to purchase a gelli plate in the near future.

Jann Parkes said...

HI Penny, can you tell me where you purchased the deli paper please? Recently I bought Jane Davies dvd and that's what she uses too. I was looking to get some of this paper from here in Australia rather than order it from USA but I wasn't sure if there were different types/grades etc. Thanks for any help you can send my way.
Kind regards, Jann Parkes

penny4thoughts said...

Jann, I couldn't find a way to email you so I hope you check back here...what I purchased was through Amazon on this page:
Maybe with seeing the picture you can find some in Australia.