Wednesday, May 23, 2012

She Art Girls - the free spirit

I have another She Art girl for you . 

A free spirit, Violet listened to the prompting of her inner muse.  She wore gems in her hair which she thought only added to her sparkling personality, and her preferred attire was truly a cacophony of colors.  To coordinate with such an outfit she once painted each fingernail with a different color of nail polish and she thought it was quite fantastic.

Here's my background close-up.  I love with this one how you barely see the text tissue paper behind the stamped script text.  I also had fun with embellishing my handwriting and doodling spirals.


Janine said...

wow Penny you are on a roll with she art, I love her too, also the text again wonderfull art!! Hugs from Janine

My name is Erika. said...

Hi Penny-Love your ladies! I also was browsing the Somerset Gallery and noticed a piece of your in there. Congrats!

Dawn said...

This is gorgeous my lovely. So thoughtful and colourful. Thanks for sharing her. Hugs x