Tuesday, May 15, 2012

She Art Girls - the dreamer

Allow me to introduce you to another of my She Art girls inspired by Christy Tomlinson's class.  

This is Maude - a small town girl with dreams of going to the big city someday.  With a little love and a song in her heart, she knew she could do anything.  Although she first had to work to tame her big unruly bouffant hair-do with a headband whenever the weather was humid :-)

Here's a close-up of this background.  A favorite part is the paint stamping of circles.  The big circle is a canning jar lid, but my favorite is the center of a roll of scotch tape because it gives me a circle within a circle.  You can also see a bit of grid texture - that's stamped with the bottom of a flip-flop!  It's really fun to see what you can find around the house to use as a texture stamp.


Anonymous said...

The latest issue of Somerset Studio arrived and you might know she is part of this issue.
You are certainly having fun with on-line classes.
There is so much to interest the eye on the background but it is Maude who steals the show.
Adore this.

Janine said...

Oh this one too is so lovely, are those real stiches or you drawing them?? Love the totap package

Debbie K. said...

Another masterpiece. Simply adorable and love the story behind her too:) Have a great rest of the week, Penny!

Debbie said...

Just fantastic Penny. I love the "Faceless girl" she is adorable.
I just love the use of the bottle/can tops and flip flop...Ha Ha. I love using stuff like that. I used a stick to do lines the other day and i have a bottle top that has the double circle...fab.