Sunday, October 2, 2011

Playing on the weekend

This has been a VERY rainy weekend, so what that means, is that I can spend more time playing :-) I am still experimenting with art journaling and had a lot of fun constructing a new journal based on a class I'm taking taught by my friend and fellow Mainer Catherine Scanlon at My Creative Classroom. The first page of my journal is a quote that I thought was great for my art journaling journey. As always, I especially liked making another book to play in - always very enjoyable for me. Here's a picture of the outside of my journal and I planned ahead and attached a wrap around ribbon to hold it closed, as I think it may become will be so much fun to fill! Do you get excited having a new blank book and envisioning all those possibilities?


Ellie said...

It's a gorgeous piece of art!

Janine said...

I have a blanc book (from you) ☺ and still thinking what tot do put in it, it most be very special, so yes, i get excited. Love your book, the ribbons look so cute. I hope you have fun filling it. big hug from Janine

Anonymous said...

I do get excited at the prospect BUT I also find it difficult taking that first step in writing (or drawing) in case I spoil the book.
Your books never fail to amaze me.

Shar said...

So pretty!

Cath Wilson said...

Yep, I get excited, too, but I have a few waiting - ooer! Love the quote and the background is fab x