Sunday, June 12, 2011

Inspiration Board

Have you ever made an inspiration board? I hadn't until I took an online class with Jenni Bowlin and I had a lot of fun putting together 10 things that inspired me. The board is corkboard covered with fabric and placed into an old frame.

Here are my 10 things in random order:

1. A romantic card I've had for more than 25 years of a couple walking by Jessie Wilcox Smith that used to hang on a bulletin board in my college dorm room
2. A vintage envelope from 1922 sent to me after purchasing it on Etsy - how cool that she chose to send me a letter sent to someone in Litchfield because that's the town where I live in Maine
3. Also on the letter is the postmark which is from Ohio - where I grew up and cool 1 penny stamps - I've always loved finding vintage ones of those
4. A scrap of fabric on the right which is a soft, shabby-chic looking floral - wonderful colors
5. A vintage bookplate from my stash of ephemera - it brings back memories of antiquing with my parents when as a kid I could only afford to buy fun bits like that as well as my love of reading
6. A vintage calling card - a reminder of the etiquette of the turn of the century - I guess that's now the turn of the LAST century
7. Vintage lace scraps - I love that tatted piece - such beautiful work on such a tiny scale
8. Vintage mother of pearl buttons - don't you find that buttons are often the perfect thing to add?
9. Rolled paper flowers - actually not vintage, but rather handmade by me - I thought they were the perfect color to add and they complement the flowers in the card
10. The decorated paperclip - ok, not at all vintage, but it had just the right green to go along with my other pieces!


JeanFB said...

Looooove it! This is such a great idea (and a beautiful piece you've put together!). I have always thought of inspiration boards as being bulletin boards that I randomly tack interesting or inspiring things to, to the point of having a zillion things all overlapping and mish-mashed together. Never occurred to me to make it pretty, even pretty enough to frame and keep as a permanent piece. (^^^ That's the sound of me smacking my forehead!). Thanks for sharing! (You always inspire me :))

Anonymous said...

Simply Stunning!
Thanks for taking the time to tell us about the little bits and pieces on the board and their significance to you and your life.
I made a board last year as part of Upcycle Project (an old games board) for The Altered Element (DT art). At the time I only staged the board with lace, images, etc but after that pinned items that had more significance. They are fun to make and after making that one last year I always intended on doing another - where does the time go?
Adore the idea of a frame and I have something that would be perfect. Now you have given me an idea!

Shar said...

Beautiful! Love the visual balance you achieved with all your great elements!

Janine said...

Hi Penny, it looks so lovely and so beautifull, great piece of art. Have a great week, greetings from Janine

Juls said...

wow!!! this is just so so gorgeous!!!! Hugs Juls

Gerri Herbst said...

dear Penny,
Love yr inspiration board, I have a huge one in my studio where I also put my swaps! take care, gerri