Saturday, June 19, 2010

My "helpers"

LinkThis is Matilda - my original project kitten - who is "helping" me with tea dyeing watercolor paper for an online journal class I'm taking. Carole Brungar, aka kiwicarole from NZ has a class using paper and fabric and transfers that you can find out more about on her blog post HERE. I had to spread out my paper to dry throughout my kitchen one night after work this week. And yes, I do have cat footprints on it now! I think they'll make a nice artistic element, don't you?

Next up is Metzger, who pretty much gets away with anything, but as you can see, has a different way of "helping". He participated in the walnut ink experiments using glass rims and salt. I did manage to save my bowl of walnut ink before he dunked his foot in it!

After everything dried, I came away with some pretty interesting backgrounds. The top photo is using Red Zinger tea and the second is using walnut ink and salt. Moral of the story? Next time I'm going to wait for daylight and work outside!!!!!!!!!!


Laura said...

Very nice pages! (I'm taking the journal class, too. Fun, huh?!) See you in class!

Debbie K. said...

Nice pages and you have some very, very cute!

kiwicarole said...

Wow! too gorgeous! that bottom page looks like it has lots of little eyes on it peering out of the darkness! LOL (sorry don't mind me!)
I love your glass rim stains and I really love that you have cat prints on it! A nice day outside is a very good idea!
I look forward to seeing the rest :))
Carole x

Jan Leonhardt said...

I too was concerned about kitty prints on my dyed sheets. And then I decided it would be charming, but by then, the cats had lost interest.

I like the look of the walnut ink and salt paper. The salt looks so different than what I would have imagined.

I am hoping to paint the other side of my papers outside, as well. Hopefully they will dry faster!

stampdiva said...

Step away from the walnut ink LOL. They are too cute and coming from a dog lover speaks volumes. Now we are all crying out for such little crafty helpers. Lynne x