Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gingersnap Creations - read challenge

One of the current challenges at Gingersnap Creations is to create a project with the theme of "read". My piece is an altered book. I cut a niche in the cover so it looks like an open door. I used a book page as my background following Ali's tutorial on the GC blog HERE, got out alphabet stamps to overstamp the page, and stamped a frame around the niche. My vintage image from Enchanted Mercantile worked well with my theme and made me think of days spent relaxing with a good book. I've always been an indoor girl, so books have always been a fun way to escape for me. When my parents would tell me as a kid to go outside and do something, I'd take a book and go sit under a tree - not sure that's what they had in mind, but I loved it!! You might notice that my text page is an Anne book (Are there others who love the Anne of Green Gables series by L.M. Montgomery? I had a few pages from her books in a package of vintage book pages I purchased. I don't think there's a book character with a better imagination than Anne!) Stamp credits: Prima, Purple Onion Designs, PSX


Debby said...

This is so creative and beautiful.

Healing Woman said...

I absolutely love this journal you created. Also, thanks for posting so many good blogs for all of us to visit.

Yes, there is nothing like a good book!

stampdiva said...

Penny, this is amazing!!! Totally inspirational. Lynne x

Lynn Stevens said...

Brillant.I Love how you stamped around the cutout.It Framed it so well!
I had to laugh when I read your story of going outside to read. My son would do the same thing. LOL

Shar said...

I love this, Penny! So fabulous!