Thursday, December 10, 2009

The 12 Tags of Christmas (part 3)

Here are days 7, 8 and 9 of the 12 Tags of Christmas and I think these are some of my favorites.

Day 7: This tag had a cool stamped grungeboard truck and christmas tree on the example, but I didn't have the right stamps. My version uses more stamps from the St. Nicholas set from Oxford Impressions, and I stamped the girls and sleigh on grungeboard. Halfway through cutting out all the open space between the runners with an x-acto knife I thought I could've left it uncut, but I couldn't stop halfway. I think cutting out 3 square windows on the truck in the example would've been MUCH easier! This background was also a favorite: dictionary paper adhered with multi-medium, masking tape adhered then slowly pulled off making the words less prominent, then distress inking the whole thing. Stamps: Oxford Impressions, Stampers Anonymous, and Inkadinkado.

Day 8: This is another where I didn't have a lightpost stamp so I chose to go with a collage using my husband's photo of a lightpost outside of one of the mansions in Newport, RI. I also used a piece of a vintage french postcard from French Kissed for the building/house - seemed ornate enough to go with that gorgeous lightpost. Stamps: Stampers Anonymous and Stampabilities.

Day 9: Because you could download the photos used in this tag from Tim's blog, mine looks very similar to his this time. I had not had a chance to use the filmstrip ribbon, so this was a fun trial with it. The photos made me think of the movie "A Christmas Story" and all the kids standing in line at the department store to sit on Santa's lap (quite a few of them crying when they did) and the kid behind Ralphie says "I like Santa". I'm sure the kid on Santa's lap actually thought that BEFORE he sat down. Stamps: Stampers Anonymous.

Hope all of your Christmas projects are going well - and stay tuned for the final 3 tags!


Kelly said...

gorgeous tags! love your art!

Lynn Stevens said...

Penny, That sleigh is just too cool for words! Great change for the better! Your tags are looking awesome! Isn't it fun!!!

Sarah said...

Your substitutions are just perfect! That is some kinda light post.

savingadvice said...

Those tags are like a gift themselves. Place that on any presents and it's two for one :) - pe