Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Documented Life Project week 20

I will admit that this week's prompt at the Documented Life Project took me some time! We  were to use a stamp in an unusual way.  Now, I'm a pretty experienced stamper, and I try just about any technique I run across because I find that lots of fun, but I did find a technique I hadn't tried from a Red Lead newsletter where you take tracing paper and pastels and use your stamp as a rubbing plate under the tracing paper.  A very cool effect! I did need to spray it with a fixative (I just used cheap hairspray) and backed the tracing paper with Xyron adhesive and adhered it to an old book page. I added a couple of other stamps in the regular way, too ; - )

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Susan said...

Hi Penny yet another lovely page thanks for sharing. Can I ask do you do your writing on your journal pages first then your back ground? X:)