Friday, April 18, 2014

LifeBook 2014 week 1

These pages are from the very first week of LifeBook 2014 with a lesson by Tam Laporte. I loved just getting out supplies and PLAYING to create a colorful background.

The second page was more practice with faces - it's to be a guardian angel for the year. It was fun to work with watercolor crayons and gesso and blend them creating her skin tones. I'm not really an angel person and I don't tend to draw winged-things, but the great part of LifeBook is that you get to try out different styles. Still working on faces.........I think it's going to be a long process......

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Gery said...

The first page is gorgeous with all those colours!!! Believe in the sentiment, I would say :-))
The practice with your facedrawing is realy a good one. At least I can't do it this way. This always looks rather simply, but when you're drawing you find out that it's sooo difficult. Good work here.
Groetjes Gery