Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Whatevers #4: Wilford's Best Laid Plans

Oh how I love playing along with the Whatevers!  With the picture this month I kept being drawn to the man with the mustache and had to make him the focus of my story.  His wife and daughter have eyes looking off to the side, but there sits Wilford, looking directly at the camera, resolute.

Here's the right side of the spread.

This close-up lets you see my found book text.

And here's the left side and the story:

Wilford finally concluded that he was an utter failure at farming.  He hated being awakened by the rooster, never did like cows; figured the feeling was probably mutual, and kept misplacing his Farmer’s Almanac that his neighbors swore by and subsequently missed all the important planting dates.  To remedy the situation, he decided to sell the farm and with the money move his family to the city and become a shopkeeper.  People would now come to him to meet their needs instead of snicker when he walked by.  His family would be dressed in fine clothes he would import from Europe, and he would finally be a respected member of the community. “Life will be so much better,” he thought to himself.

One last view of all the wonderful texture layers: tissue paper painted with purple and blue acrylic paint, lace also painted with the same paint, ric-rac painted with gold paint, washi tape, and accents with sewing and tiny pearls.

Check out the projects done by Nathalie, Vicki and Catherine this month on their blogs where you can also get the picture to play along, too.


Jennie Atkinson said...

Just brilliant! It really made me laugh! Beautiful page and layout - your colours are gorgeous Penny.

Like you I am really enjoying the story telling. Thank you for your lovely comments.

Sandie Edwards said...

An amazingly beautiful project!

Debbie K. said...

This is so cute and beautiful too! Love reading your stories Penny. So fun!!!

Martina2801 said...

What a beautiful page, Penny! Love your creation.

Pearl Maple said...

Fun combination of found photos and found text, makes for an interesting story

lena-dailyscrap said...

Great pages! Beautiful, layered background!

Mila said...

Beautiful page, I love all the layers and textures you have achieved.