Thursday, June 21, 2012

Handmade Canvas Portfolio Journals

I thought I'd share two more of the canvas portfolio journals I made in Roben-Marie Smith's online workshop Collage, Construct and Affirm.  It's really a fun process and it's all based around a sheet of canvas with many layers added.

Here's the folded up journal:

And here it is from the back opened up:

Inside this one there's a pocket on the left with a velcro closure and a sewn in signature of pages of Bristol paper with wonderful inky drips (all Liquitex acrylic inks).

This is the back of the pocket as it's flipped out.

When you start your layers of canvas, you initially collage a bunch of papers onto it and I fell in love with the look of just that layer, so I also made a journal that way too.

The signature inside this one is made from heavyweight manila file folders cut to size.  After all, if it's so much fun working on manila tags, it will have to be fun using this for my pages, right?

In the next day or so I'll have a post to share showing just how much fun it is to work on those manila pages!


inkypinkycraft said...

Wow these are amazing, love the textures colours and well they are just fab! Hugstrace x

Martina2801 said...

Wow, amazing Penny, I love this fabulous Canvas Portfolio Journals!!
They are totally awesome my friend.
Have a great day and love visiting you.
Hugs and more Hugs

Marja's Stamp Addiction en Marja's Creativity said...

WOW This is fantastic work and totally different layout. beautiful work and beautiful idea.
Lovely greet

Maria said...

I love your projects ! Congrats from Argentina

Sue said...

Hello Penny
What a wonderful entrée into your Journal you have teased us with,the paper layer is so unique,no wonder you loved it. Did you seal with a medium once you finished?
So looking forward to the second course.

penny4thoughts said...

Yes, I did seal it. I used clear gesso over everything - kind of gives it a rougher texture that's interesting.

Donna Gibson said...

These canvas journals are just beautiful! I can see that you put a lot of heart into these. I'm going to check out that workshop! And thanks for stopping by my blog!

Anonymous said...

Incredible work Penny, not only so striking but so practical.
Manila is much under-rated, ideal as pages as you know, it can take so many layers of paint, glue, etc.
Cannot wait to see you progress with your pages.

Deb (dcorder) said...

OMGosh!!!! WOW! I love this. I was inspired by your other post to sign-up for this class. Now I can't wait to get started. AND I *LOOOOVE!!!* your print/grunge/manilla book. Just warning ya...I'm TOTALLY stealing that idea!! (GRIN)

Paula Jane Atkinson said...

Penny this is stunning!!!

Janine said...

wowowowowowow, great Penny, I love both, and so handy made, just great!!! have a great weekend, Hugs from me